Introduction and Course Overview


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Course Materials: What You'll Need

In order to take the course, you will need a makeup kit with the essential supplies. We offer a makeup kit through the professional makeup brand Graftobian that is available for purchase and pick up if you are located in Atlanta.

Click here to purchase your Makeup Kit for Atlanta pickup only.

Click here to purchase your Makeup Kit and have it shipped to you.

❖Have your tools, makeup kit, pen, and paper to take notes during every section.

❖It is your responsibility to have adequate lighting and a camera or phone to document your makeovers.  We suggest natural lighting facing your eyes or studio lighting that is referenced in our Amazon Store.

Click here to find other recommended lights and Makeup Artist Supplies.

What to expect: Please review the information and document below

❖Make sure to complete every section in order to move to the next section. You must complete both level one and two and all assignments to receive your certificate.  

❖There will be mandatory homework assignments to show that you have mastered each module.  An instructor will reply to homework assignments as needed within 48 hours of submission.

If you are confused about a subject, don’t be afraid to ask your instructor in the comments section below your modules.

❖At the end of your 32-hour course, you will be able to download a copy of your Makeup Artist Certification. 

IMA Intro - Module 1.pdf
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